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Learn and test
without risking money
You have a demo account available
for trading at 10 BTC
All accounts and exchanges
under control
StopLoss, TakeProfit, Panic Sell and Trailing
directly from the position
without blocking funds
Trade in familiar interfacePlace Stop Loss and Take Profit
directly through the interface
of the most popular
cryptocurrency exchanges
price movement
According to recommendations,
advanced indicators
and charts from TradingView
TraderBox will suit absolutely everyone,
regardless of experience in trading
Take only 3 minutes - and you will find out what fundamentally new opportunities for your earnings are provided by our terminal
Hundreds of professional tools
available for trading in a few clicks
StopLoss and TakeProfit
without blocking funds
  • 1. Current profit in real time
  • 2. Indicate the price as a percentage of expected income
  • 3. Traderbox automatically evaluates your portfolio on both single positions and at the aggregate level in real time
  • 4. Edit StopLoss and TakeProfit at any time, as plans have changed
  • 5. The maximum allowable loss
Quotes, calendar,
indicators and trends
  • 1. Quick search for a currency pair will simplify navigation
  • 2. The news calendar for the selected currency pair will show past and upcoming events
  • 3. More than 30 information indicators for the selected currency pair (from hash rate to trading recommendations) will be promptly put in the know.
  • 4. Coins list will shows most trending coins
TradingView Charts
  • 1. Set TakeProfit at the current position
  • 2. Price of the current open position
  • 3. Set StopLoss at current position
  • 4. Popular graphics of TradingView offers a possibility of overlay of the technical analysis indicators, trade recommendations and events calendar will allow you improve the decision making process.
Exact orders
  • 1. Balance information in the order window
  • 2. Choosing the right price conveniently from the drop-down list
  • 3. Quick selection of quantities in the transaction
  • 4. Complete information about the transaction before submitting an order to the exchange
  • 5. Sending StopLoss and TakeProfit together with an order to the exchange
  • 6. The total amount of the order
Quickly switch between exchanges
and accounts on exchanges
  • 1. Current valuation of all your assets in bitcoins and dollars
  • 2. Quick add exchange account by API key
  • 3. Convenient switching between your connected accounts
All trade in one window
  • 1. History of transactions and orders in all currencies on all exchanges
  • 2. Total portfolio
  • 3. Data from all exchanges in one place
  • 4. Find out the real purchase price in BTC or USD
  • 5. Find out how much and how much you earn or lose.
  • 6. The system will remind you and set StopLoss and TakeProfit if you forgot to put them.
  • 7. Real-time balance and income in BTC and USD
  • 8. Find out how your portfolio is balanced.
  • 9. Work with a portfolio for all exchanges simultaneously or for each exchange separately
  • 10. Find out when and with what deals the price is
  • 11. Sell currency in one click
StopLoss and TakeProfit
without blocking funds
1. History of transactions and orders in all currencies on all exchanges
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Find out which TraderBox
tools are most useful to you
Choose your level in trading
  • From trading recommendations and coin capitalization to the hash of the network and the daily range of price fluctuations
  • Pending Orders
    trade using signals
    from telegram channels
  • Recommendations, advanced indicators and charts from TradingView
  • Portfolio Evaluation from all exchanges on one screen
  • Placing orders
    without blocking funds:

    StopLoss, TakeProfit
    and Trailing
  • A set of ready-made strategies and trading recommendations based on 24 technical analysis indicators
NewbieFor you, we have prepared a 10 BTC demo account Learn to trade and develop strategies.
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we will determine your level
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Hack-proof .
Reliable protection of your funds
You are protected from hacking from outside due to PGP
Your exchanges
are connected via the API
with access only to
Transfer or withdrawal of funds by third parties
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