About the terminal

TraderBox makes investments in cryptocurrency assets easier and allows trading on several exchanges from one box. Incorporated tools allows automating processes, obtaining and analysing current information in the industry, and investing with minimum risks.

Monetising Model
Monthly subscription for the service using costs 15$.

We plan to add the following new services to the planform within the next year:

• Smart Trade
• Margin Trading
• Store of Investment Projects
• Integration with classic investment tools

Unique Opportunities of Traderbox
• Limit orders, StopLoss, TakeProfit and Trailing orders without funds blocking, even if the order is not available on exchange; StopLoss is an order, which automatically stems losses when a set price is reached. TakeProfit is an order, which automatically locks in profit when a set price is reached. Trailing is a smart order, which monitors the price and implements the conditions established by a user. If a trader forgets to place an order, the system will remind about it. In contrast to exchanges, TraderBox does not block funds and allows placing one StopLoss and TakeProfit for each position.
• Trade recommendations based on 30 technical analysis indicators. TraderBox has formulae, which have proven their efficiency on the classical stock and futures market. The terminal provides the traders with recommendations on what transaction is worth being done in short-term, medium-term and long-term prospects.
• The user’s portfolio present analysis of the portfolio status. Real purchase price in BTC or USD, balance and profit online in two currencies, data from all exchanges in one place.
• Pending orders. You can trade based on signals from messengers. Set levels of transaction entry and exit and increase your profit.
• Demo account. Training with real quotes and virtual balance. Learn to trade, hone strategies, check your intuition.
• Quotes, calendar, indicators, news. Information is displayed at the terminal in a convenient form, and traders do not spend their time for searching.
• Charts. TradingView charts have been improved – current position, placed orders, news and calendar for an asset are displayed on the chart. These opportunities allow analysing current situation and taking right decisions.
• Trading from all accounts in one box. The terminal shows your assets on all exchanges, their dynamics, orders placing, current portfolio valuation in BTC and USD/USDT. Switching over between exchange accounts in one click. Connection of several accounts from one exchange is possible.