on the cryptomarket

Open yourDemo account of 10 BTC
in one minute

Do whatever you want
Learn to trade
Test strategies
Check your intuition
No hidden pitfallsTraderBox is an over-the-counter terminal: you can trade
on five exchanges from one window with it.
Together with almost unlimited opportunities
this is a real breakthrough in crypto trading.
You have an opportuinty to develop
the terminal with us. You can make it as comfortable as you want it to be
Trading on a demo account
is one of the Terminal’s possibilities
This is a virtual exchange, whichyou get immediately
after registration. 10 BTC
are already available on the account .
At the same time, your possibilities are unlimited. The only thing that cannot be done with them is to withdraw them.
To start, you just need to register.
It takes a minute.
Great opportunity
for newcomers
Learn to trade, develop strategies.
Feel like a duck to water before
trading real money.
At the same time, get an advantage over other traders:
immediately start using the terminal.
and get comfortable with placing orders and understand their logic:
StopLoss, TakeProfit
Pending orders simultaneously with trailing directly from the position
Not every exchange offers this!
Super training ground for traders
Does your intuition tell you anything?
Great, work it out on the virtual exchange.
Have you developed a strategy?
Great, try it first on the demo account.
Do you want to try something new, copy someone else's tactics, track accuracy of forecasts, control your portfolio?
Even here it will help.
And the main thing is that now, you can earn more
because you have reduced the risks and keep everything under control!
More than 30
+ TradingView
Use unlimited
of terminal
Better to sign up, to see all stuff
ComfortableStopLoss, TakeProfit, Panic Sell and Trailing orders
directly from the position
without funds blocking
ProfitablePending orders without funds blocking will help in signal trading
Completely SafeПо Use indicator-based recommendations
and TradingView charts
And very cool in generalWe have combined all the best
and added our own practices
It is better to see ones
Take only 3 minutes and you find out what opportunities
are offered by TraderBox
Open a Demo account
of 10
and try Traderbox possibilities
in a minute already
Get 2 weeks full access
TraderBox for free
+ detailed video tutorial as a gift

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