Privacy Policy

1. Definitions

Internet platform (hereinafter the “URL”, “we”) has strong views on the issue of data privacy of its clients and visitors of Website (hereinafter “you”, “Website visitors”). Information containing personal data (name, login and phone number) of the Website visitor as well as information on actions taken by you at the URL site (for instance, finds withdrawal to bank account) are referred to as personified information. Data that cannot be clearly identified to a particular visitor of the Website (for instance, Website visiting statistics) are referred to as anonymous data.

2. Information Use

We use personified information of a particular visitor only to ensure providing high-quality services to him and accounting of the services. We do not disclose any personified information of one URL site visitors to other visitors of the Website. We never publish personified information available to the public and do not transfer it to third parties. An exception is only the situations when provision of such information to authorised governmental bodies is prescribed by applicable laws of the United States of America. We publish and disseminate only reports based on collected anonymous data. Therewith, the reports do not contain any information that would allow identifying personified information of the Service users. We also use the anonymous data for internal analysis aimed at development of URL products and services.

3. Links

Website may contain links to other websites not related to our Company and owned by third parties. We bear no responsibility for accuracy, completeness or reliability of information published at the third-party websites, and we do not assume any obligations for preservation of confidentiality of information placed by you at such websites.

4. Disclaimer

We take commercially reasonable efforts to ensure observance of this privacy policy; however, we cannot guarantee security of information in case of factors beyond our control leading to information disclosure. Website cannot guarantee that information will not be disclosed by third parties with use of illegal, fraudulent or other methods of obtaining unauthorised access to the Website, other accounts of Traderbox. We assume no responsibility for any adverse effects and any damage resulting from limitation of access to URL site or as a consequence of the Website visiting and using the information published thereat.

5. Contacts

TraderBox Corp.
251 Little Falls Drive, Wilmington, New Castle Country, Delaware 19808-1674.