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Серега, Do you trade on one
or several exchanges?
Do you insure your money
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Do you use
Trailing Take-profit?
Do you deal with
intraday trading?
Do you use such charts
as TradingView in your trading?
Do you know how to
make money on arbitrage deals?
Do you use popular
selections of lists?
Which are in trend now:
growing, recently issued, the most liquid?
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According to your answers, you are - a novice trader, with little experience,
but a huge potential to grow.
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Choose the number of exchanges you trade on.

It’s okay if it is only 1 exchange. That means you have huge potential in increasing your earnings, and we will reveal it at the end of the quiz.

If you already trade on several exchanges, then most likely you consider yourself a fairly experienced trader. Nevertheless, even for you, we have cool tools, which will increase your profits.

, Now it’s important to us to know if you are using the most basic tool to save your money

Trailing Take-profit Profit is one of the most important tools in cryptocurrency trading.

If you have heard about it for the first time or have not been using it before, then at the end of the quiz we will tell you how you can implement it in your work.

Most novice traders always work using the long-term investment strategy, but, as the fall of Bitcoin has shown, this is often a losing strategy.

Intraday trading allows you not to wait whether a coin will shoot or not, but to use the market volatility to your advantage and earn money on sale and purchase of coins daily.

Many traders use signals. But nobody can guarantee that they will be profitable, even when they are from paid sources.

Therefore, experienced traders select such charts as TradingView and draw conclusions mainly on this basis.

Did you know that coins purchasing and selling based on market volatility is just the top of the iceberg?

Arbitrage transactions allow you to earn on the difference in the exchange rate of the same coin on different exchanges.

Let’s say, you work on exchange A, and there the BTC rate is $ 8,000 per unit. On exchange B, the rate of the same cryptocurrency is $ 8,300 per unit. What is needed to be done?

One should purchase a certain amount of BTC on exchange A, transfer them to exchange B and sell them there.

Even popular channels cannot boast of the rapid dissemination of relevant information, let alone forums.

How do you like the idea of tracking selections of lists and live information on currency pairs, updated online from one system, without even visiting fee-based channels?

If you don’t know where to find such lists,
then be sure to play the quiz to the end!

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