Find out how you can make money with cryptocurrency with low risks

Hi, we know that you are already familiar with cryptocurrency. Let’s determine your trading experience level and help you earn more.

The game will take you 4 minutes

Select the number of exchanges you trade on.

It is okay if it is only 1 exchange. This means that you have a huge potential in increasing your earnings. If you already trade on several exchanges, then, most likely, you consider yourself a fairly experienced trader. But we also have some cool tools in store for you that will help increase your profits.

Do you trade on one or several exchanges?

Choose one option.

Do you insure your savings with StopLoss orders?

Now it is important for us to know if you are using the most basic tools to hedge your assets

Do you use Trailing TakeProfit?

Trailing Take-Profit is one of the most important tools in cryptocurrency trading.
If this is your first time hearing about it or still not using it, then at the end of the game we will explain how you can improve your trading with this instrument.

Do you earn on intraday trading?

Most novice traders work on a long-term investment strategy, but, as the fall of Bitcoin, — has shown, it could bea losing strategy. Intraday trading allows you notне to wait for a coin to increase in value, but to use market volatility to your advantage and make money by selling and buying coins during the day.

Do you use charts like TradingView in trading?

Many traders use signals. But nobody can guarantee that they will be profitable, even when they are from paid sources. Therefore, experienced traders use charts as TradingView and make subsequent decisions . Are you one of them?

Have you encountered squeezes or slippages in your trading?

Unfortunately , all traders have experienced squeezes and slippages in their trading process. This is a fairly common problem, and no one is immune to it. Tell me, have you encountered these ?

Even the most popular channels can’t publish or distribute most relevant information immediately , let alone forums.

How do you like the idea of tracking lists and currency pairs, updated live, without even visiting fee-based channels? If you don’t know where to find such lists, then be sure to finish the quiz and read the results!

Here we are at the finish line!

According to your answers, you — are a novice trader with little experience, but don’t worry, you have a huge potential to grow. We have prepared 2 cool gifts especially for you:

According to your answers, you — are a successful trader with sufficient experience, but you still have a strong potential to grow. We have prepared 2 cool gifts especially for you:

According to your answers, you — are an experienced trader with many hundreds of successful trades on record, but you still have a strong potential to increase your profits. We have prepared 2 cool gifts especially for you:

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Detailed video guide on working with the termina land 27 instruments for profitable trading on exchanges, which will allow you to start increasing your profits within the first days of use.

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