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By accessing or using this website Traderbox located at: (the “Website” or “Traderbox”) and any services made available through the Website (hereinafter referred as “Services”), you (the “User”) agree to be bound by these Terms of Use (the “Terms”). The Services are owned and controlled by TraderBox Corp. (USA) (the “Company”), and the terms “We” and “Our” refer to this Company. If you do not agree to these Terms and they impose limitations on your rights or liabilities, do not use the Services.

Traderbox reserves the right to modify or change the Terms at any time and at its sole discretion including, but not limited to, any policy or directive of the Website. We will provide notice of these changes by updating the revised Terms on the webpage and changing the date at the top of the Terms or by sending a notification to the Users by e-mail or in any other way selected by the Company. Selection of the way of the notification delivery is to the Company’s discretion. Any modifications or changes to these Terms will be effective immediately upon being announced at the Website or released to the Users by the Company (for instance, by e-mail). These modifications or changes will apply at the moment to all current and subsequent uses of the Website. Your continued use of this Website acts as acceptance of such amendments. If you do not agree to any terms related to the Website access or use, you must stop using the Website.


Traderbox is an information service allowing the Users to obtain information on market conditions, charts and analytics, to communicate with other users and see quotes on various trading sites, inter alia Binance, HitBTC, Bitmex, Bitfinex, etc. The User also gets a demo-account to make training transactions with virtual assets.


By accessing or using the Website, you represent and warrant that you are at least 21 years old and that you have not previously been suspended or removed from using our Services. You also represent and warrant that you will not use the Website in case if it is prohibited by the laws of your country in accordance with these Terms. Besides, you represent and warrant that you will not use the Website for any unlawful activities including money laundering and terrorism financing.


You must register for an account (the “Account”) in order to access and use the Services. You agree to: (a) provide complete, up to date and accurate information when opening an Account; (b) maintain and promptly update any information of the Account so that such information is complete, up to date, and accurate at all times; (c) ensure security and privacy of your login data and restrict access to your Account and your computer; (d) immediately notify the Company if you become aware or suspect any security infraction associated with the Website; and shall be liable for all actions under your Account and take all risks of unauthorised access


Your privacy is important to us. We convey your information only to third parties as stipulated by our privacy policy if it is required to be done through law enforcement authorities, court order, or in accordance with legal reporting obligations.


Transmission of information and data including e-mail messages via the Internet or other public networks is not 100% safe and may be lost, intercepted, or modified during transportation. Accordingly, the Company assumes no responsibility, without limitation, for any damage or expenses that you may suffer as a result of any transmission of information containing your private data via the Internet or other public networks including the transmissions related to the Platform or e-mail. Meantime, the Company will take commercially reasonable efforts to ensure privacy of the information you provide to the Company and will consider such information in accordance with the Company’s privacy policy.


We provide information services only for use and do not provide advice with regard to any particular transactions or their tax implications. When executing any transaction on the Platform, you represent that you have been, are, and will be solely responsible for execution of your own independent assessment and determination of the transaction risks. You represent that you have sufficient knowledge, developed market, professional advice, and experience to conduct your own assessment of advantages and risks of any transaction. We do not give you any guarantee with regard to appropriateness of cryptocurrencies traded on these terms; we do not bear any fiduciary responsibility in our relationship with you. If at any time, the Company or its representatives provide trade recommendations, comments on the market or any other information, then such an action is accidental for your relationship with us and does not impose any obligations with respect to truth or due diligence on the part of the Company or its representatives. We do not give any guarantees in respect of accuracy or completeness of any such information or in respect of tax implications of any transaction. Investment in tokens “Cryptocurrencies – virtual currencies” is highly risky. Purchasers and fund managers are subject to the following risks: inherent risk, loss risk, theft risk, regulative risk, risk of mistake, tax risks. When sending cryptocurrencies to the purchaser, he agrees that he understands and accept these risks and potential loss of all funds beyond recovery.


The Company provides to you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license, in accordance with these Terms, to access and use the Services as well as the content, materials, information (collectively referred to as the “Content”) only for information, transactions or other established purposes permitted by the Company. Any other use of the Services or the Content is expressly prohibited. All other rights to the platform or the Content are reserved by us and by our licensors. You may not copy, transfer, disseminate, sell, resell, license, decompile, redesign, disassemble, modify, publish, participate in transfer or sell out, create derivative works, mirror, incorporate into other website or in any other way exploit any content or any other part of the services or any derivative works, fully or partially, for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Moreover, you may not create or mirror the Website or the Content (or its any part) as a part of any other website or any other work of authorship without prior written consent of the Company. If you violate any part of these Terms, your access and using the platform may be terminated in accordance with these Terms. Besides, we reserve the right to all means of legal defence accessible by law and by justice for any such violation. “”, "Traderbox" and all logos related to the Services or displayed at the Website are trademarks or registered marks of the Company or its licensor. You may not copy, imitate or use them without prior written consent of the Company.


If you believe that something at the Website infringe upon any copyright you own or control, you may submit a notice of such infringement to our Company. You should understand that if you intentionally give false information about some material or action being a copyright infringement, you will be responsible for any damage including expenses and legal fees paid by us or by alleged infringer.


The Company takes all commercially reasonable efforts to help preventing and mitigating attacks on cryptocurrencies. If the Company can confirm that an active cryptocurrency on the Platform was compromised or is being attacked, the Company may immediately stop trading, deposits and withdrawal of funds for such a cryptocurrency. If it is determined that such an attack has led to substantial reduction in the cryptocurrency value, the Company may completely stop providing information services on this cryptocurrency. The Company does not give any representations and does not guarantee the Platform security and does not bear responsibility for any lost value or stolen property, regardless of whether the Company has been careless in ensuring proper security.


The Company protects itself against participation in any activities facilitating money laundering or other criminal activities and observes regulatory directives applicable in the United States of America. The Company strives to reasonably identify each user by crosscheck of the user’s data by the governmental checklists, as well as third-party agencies of identity verification and authentication. If a user or a transaction is considered to be suspicious by our internal control, the Company may request for additional proof of identity from the user and has the right to suspend providing information services until additional verification of the personal identity document is conducted. By agreeing to our Terms, you acknowledge and understand that the Company will be able to conduct the verification only with a participation of the user with the information provided by him.


Traderbox and its users may provide third-party content at the Website and may give links to web-pages and content, which are not owned or controlled by Traderbox (collectively the “third-party content”) as a service to those people who are interested in this information. Traderbox does not control, not confirm, and not accept the third-party content and does not give any representations or warranties with respect to the third-party content including, but not limited to, its accuracy and completeness. You acknowledge and agree that the Company bears no responsibility for any third-party content and assumes no responsibility for updating or review of any third-party content. You acknowledge that you use the third-party content at your own risk. Your business relations, correspondence, or participation in any third-party promotional events, as well as any conditions, warranties or representations associated with such business deals or promotional events are entirely between you and such third parties. The Company bears no responsibility for any loss or any kind of damage incurred as a result of such deals or promotional events or because of presence of such third-party content at the Website.


You acknowledge and agree that any materials including, but not limited to, questions, comments, feedbacks, proposals, ideas, plans, notes, messages in the internal chat, drawings, original or creative materials or other information related to Traderbox or the Services (collectively the “Feedback”) provided by you by e-mail, by posting at the Website, in the users’ chats or in applications to the technical support service or in any other way are not confidential and are the Company’s property. The Company will have the exceptional rights including intellectual property rights and will have the right to unlimited disposal and dissemination of such feedback content for any purposes, commercial or others, without confirmation or remuneration to you.


As related to your use of the Services, you may not: violate or assist to any party in violation of any law, decree or any rule of any self-regulatory or similar organisation, of which you are a member; provide false, inaccurate or misleading information; infringe upon copyrights, patents, trademarks, or intellectual property rights of Traderbox or third parties; disseminate unwanted or unauthorised advertisement or advertising materials, any junk mails, spam or chain mails; redesign or disassemble any aspect of the Website or the Services in an attempt to get access to any initial code being the basis of the idea or concept as well as to algorithms; take any actions imposing excessive or outsize load on our infrastructure or interfering with, intercept any system, data or information; transmit or upload to the Website any materials containing viruses, Trojans, bugs, or any other malware; in any other way attempt to get unauthorised access to the Website, other account of Traderbox, computer systems or networks connected to the Website by intellectual analysis of passwords or any other means; convey any rights granted to you in accordance with these Terms.


While the Account and Services provided to the User may not be conveyed in any event and may be used only by the User, Traderbox has the right to transfer, assign or sell all the rights, benefits, or liabilities to any party, and these Terms remain in effect in the interest of Traderbox successor.


Transaction on the platform may fail due to several reasons including, but not limited to, price change by seller, insufficient margin or unforeseen technical problems. We do not give any representation or warranty that any transaction will be appropriately executed. The Company in no event bears any responsibility for any losses or damage incurred because a transaction has not been appropriately executed. Besides, the Company assumes no responsibility for your notification about a transaction failure. The User is solely responsible for determination and investigation of failure of any transaction initiated by the User. In case if you get any data, information, or software in addition to the ones you have the right to get in accordance with these Terms, you shall immediately notify us and shall not use such data, information, or software in any way. We have the right to act on your behalf according to orders given by you or by any person authorised on your part without further investigation of authenticity, authorities, or identity of the person giving or pretending to such orders, given that such order is accompanied by correct information on your account. The Company reserves the right to deny processing, annul or cancel any transaction on the platform, where the Company suspects that the transaction involves money laundering, terrorism financing, fraud or any other crime or if the Company suspects a transaction associated with prohibited use as specified in our Terms.


The Company has the right to: (a) suspend or terminate your access to the information Services; (b) deactivate or cancel your account in accordance with requirements of legal notification or court order, or if Traderbox reasonably suspect that you use your account for facilitating crime activities. You will be allowed to transfer cryptocurrency related to your account during ninety (90) days after the deactivation or cancellation if such transfer is not prohibited in any other way – in accordance with law, court order or notification. If any transaction is on hold at the moment of the cancellation or suspension of your account, such transaction can be cancelled and/or returned as appropriate. You may not cancel your account with the purpose to avoid investigation or in order not to pay any amounts payable to the Company. After the cancellation of your account, you permit the Company to cancel or suspend pending transactions and after a written notification has been sent to you, have your money related to such transactions returned to your wallet. In case when you or the Company terminate this Agreement or your access to the Services or deactivate your account, you will be responsible for all amounts due and payable under these Terms. If a technical problem causes failure of the system or errors of the account, the Company may temporarily suspend access to your account until the problem is eliminated.


Hereby you warrant that either any funds used by you on the Platform are owned by you or you have a legal right to execute transactions using such funds. All transactions initiated from your account are intended for your own account or are executed upon a legal authorisation of any other physical or legal entity.


To the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, the Company expressly disclaims any responsibility for any losses of any kind (including, but not limited to, indirect, special, incidental losses or missed profit) related to your use of our information Services even if the Company has been notified or aware of possibility of such losses. In no case, the Company’s responsibility for monetary damage in accordance with these Terms exceeds amount of payments for the information Services received from you during the preceding six-month period.


These terms and your use of the information Services are governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State Delaware, United States of America. You agree that any claims by law or by justice arising out of or related to these Terms will be filed to the courts of the State Delaware, United States of America only. Hereby you unequivocally agree and submit to exclusive jurisdiction of such courts in relation to any claim or proceeding arising out of these Terms.


Should any provision of these Terms be declared illegal, ineffective, or invalid for some reason, this provision will be considered separated from these Terms and will not influence efficacy and applicability of any other provisions.


Our inability to implement or give effect to any right or provision of these Terms does not mean that we waive this right or provision. These Terms and any policies and rules published by us represent complete agreement and understanding between you and us and govern your use of the Services, superseding any previous or simultaneous agreements, messages, or proposals, oral or written, between you and us (including, but not limited to, any previous versions of these Terms). Any ambiguity in interpretation of these Terms shall not be interpreted against the editing party.


In addition to the above applicable disclaimers, Traderbox performance in accordance with these Terms shall be excused in case of failure and / or delay due to and resulted from any cause beyond its reasonable control including actions of any government, war or other aggression, civil disorder, fires, floods, earthquakes, explosions, embargo, acts of terrorism, power loss, failure of equipment, business or labour disputes, actions of any third-party data supplier or other third-party information provider, third-party software, or interruptions in communication.


Trading in advertising spaces and exchanges with branded keywords, which include "Traderbox", "“ and / or “Trader box“ is prohibited.


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